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Student Services


ASN will provide a number of awards to the student body. Examples include Executive of the Year, Committee Member of the Year, Affiliated Club of the Year and Student of the Year Awards.

Local Arab Businesses

To assist new-coming students in their integration to the University, ASN will install an interactive map that pinpoints local resources, including relevant Arab businesses and shops.


Powered by AIESEC, the Arab Student Network will broadcast Internship opportunities located across the Arab world.


The Arab Student Network does a yearly event that helps connect students to professionals outside McGill.


The Arab Student Network helps to assist students promote their poetic and artistic work in the Mubtakaran Journal.


Duration varies depending on the store that sponsors us.

General Member Recruitment Form

We’ve been organizing various events and workshops but we’d like to do much more and for that, we need your help! If you’re interested in volunteering this is your chance! We are recruiting for general members to help us out in our upcoming events and workshops. By becoming a general member you would help out ASN’s Executive Team in upcoming events and attend meetings every few weeks.