About Us

Who We Are

Originally founded as the Arab Students’ Association in 1962, the Arab Student Network has developed into the sole official SSMU service representative of an inclusive interpretation of collective Arab culture.

The McGill Arab Students’ Association (ASA) has represented the Arab population at McGill and introduced the McGill and Montreal community to the rich Arab culture and heritage.
Throughout the years, the ASA has expanded in proportion to the increasing number of Arab students on campus and the vast interest in the hosted events expressed by the general McGill community.

ASA became a service in 2018, which offers a diversity of events and initiatives – such as educational, social, cultural, and advocacy.

Our goal is to create a tight-knit and active community to make McGill and Montreal feel like home, while also bridging gaps and positively engaging as representatives of our culture with the wider McGill and Montreal community. So whether it’s a Middle East enthusiast or just a homesick student craving their homeland’s cuisine, the ASN is reaching out.

Please note that the ASN has no political or religious affiliation; any initiatives we support are advocacy or educationally oriented. This is to ensure that all nationalities and cultures within the Arab world are fairly represented and included.
We welcome everyone to our events, McGill and non-McGill community!!

Meet The Team

Selim Abou-Rahal


Selim is a U3 Psychology Student from Lebanon! His favourite food is Kanfeh!

Karim El-Sayed

VP Finance

Karim is a U2 Pharmacology Student from Egypt! His favourite food is a Cheeseburger!

Ramez Maurice

VP Finance

Ramez is a U4 Finance Student form Egypt! His favourite food is Basboobsa!

Hamza Abu-Alkhair

VP Operations

Hamza is a U1 Electrical Engineering student from Iraq & Syria! His favourite food is Falafel!

Susan Aloudat

VP Events

Susan is a U1 International Development & Mandarin Chinese Language student from Jordan! Her favourite food is Kibbeh Blaban!

Sami Azhari

VP Events

Sami is a U3 Kinesiology student from Syria & Lebanon! His favourite food is Kibbeh Nayyeh!

Obai Osman

VP Academics

Obai is a U2 Psychology & Minor in Neuroscience student from Lebanon! His favourite food is Kishk b'awarma!

Lea Lhaf

VP Media and Communications

Lea is a U2 Computer Science & Biology student from Lebanon! Her favourite food is Daoud Bacha!

Saif Albanna

VP External Affairs

Saif is a U3 Kinesiology student from Palestine & Jordan! His favourite food is Mansaf/Msakhan!

Kayla Arab

VP Internal Affairs

Kayla is U3 Dietetics student form Lebanon! Her favourite food is Tabbouleh!